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Many esoteric religions teach that there is a consciousness that is greater than our individual personalities. It is known by many names. High Mind. God Mind. Superconscious. Akashic Records. The classic Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Second Century BC) describe it as the “rain cloud of all knowable things.” It represents a merge-point at which all consciousness and knowledge is shared; a collective of every thought and experience of everyone throughout time.

Throughout history, there have been remarkable individuals who demonstrate that it is possible to access this consciousness. Douglas James Cottrell is one such individual. Using a meditative phenomenon in which the ego personality is suppressed and contact is made with this High Mind, Douglas is able to gather information on virtually any topic, pertaining to virtually any one, or any thing. He calls this process Quantum Meditation.™

Over the years, quietly, and without fanfare, Douglas has done about 35,000 Quantum Meditation™ viewings. What emerges from these is an approach to human well-being that is refreshingly clear and unfettered with dogma. Not that they are limited to the field of health, the questions that may be answered in the context of this meditative phenomenon are unlimited, as to scope or topic.

For those who feel moved to develop this ability themselves, Douglas offers a specialized course in Quantum Meditation.™ Just as there are those who attempt to emulate great masters of music, art, or commerce, you can, with work, possibly achieve the level of Douglas’s skill (or beyond) in your own life.


The remarkable Quantum Meditation™ phenomenon allows Douglas to make observations, gather information, and answer questions about virtually any concern. His clients generally seek his counsel for serious health concerns that perplex the experts.

  • I have worked within the field of autism treatment for over fifteen years, yet the mystery that is this complex disorder continues to pique my curiosity daily. Searching for answers and direction for some of the most challenging cases, I have used Douglas Cottrell’s talent. His clairvoyance, especially in the area of physical health issues, has proven exacting. In the case of one of my clients diagnosed with classic and profound autism, within just thirty minutes Douglas easily provided the insights and appropriate strategies that had previously remained a mystery until then.
    (name withheld by request), Autism Educator, Harvard University, M.Ed.
  • I would like to specify - for those who might be naturally skeptical - a number of accurate statements that you, Douglas, made about my health even though you have never met me and know nothing about me, not even my birth date. Your statements about my spine, including mentioning four specific vertebrae were exactly correct, as substantiated by recent medical MRI's. Your statements about circulation, involving two different parts of the body were also accurate, as substantiated by recent medical tests. You described the underlying causes of these conditions and the protocols that will clear them up.
    (name withheld by request), NY, NY
  • The information in my first reading with Douglas really hit the mark, and amazed me with its detail and scope. He was able to identify conditions involving my digestive system and spinal alignment that both my doctor and chiropractor had largely missed. Douglas pinpointed the locations on my spine that needed adjustment, and an osteopath later confirmed the information. What was once a chronic scalp condition has almost disappeared thanks to following Douglas’s suggestions. Douglas often goes beyond the basic questions to address other important aspects in the big picture and in the details. Douglas indeed has a special gift, and his abilities to provide helpful information are a most wonderful blessing for those who seek them.
    Jason, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • When I had my Quantum Meditation reading, Douglas responded in detail describing the state of my vital organs, adverse conditions and remedial actions I could take. The reading was stunningly accurate, including but not limited to the subluxation of two vertebrae – L2 and L5. Subsequently stopping at a chiropractor for the first time in my life, he X-rayed me, showed and described to me the results. Two areas needed adjustments, he said, L2 and L5. I am confident that the readings (done not only by Douglas, but any competent person) will eventually gain widespread acceptance and be validated scientifically.
    (name withheld by request), MI


It was 1975. Douglas and his wife, Karen had become desperate. Their young daughter, Cheri-Anne, had been institutionalized in a home for crippled children and was wasting away. The medical community had all but given up on her. Clinging to hope that something could be done to save his daughter, Douglas approached a very unconventional source for help - a psychic. The man laid back on a couch and proceeded to relax, as if going to sleep. Without meeting Cheri-Anne or performing any examination, he began to explain what was wrong, and what could be done to heal her. This moment changed the lives of Douglas and his family forever.


Can you learn to do what Douglas does? That depends on you, and your willingness to practice! If you are compassionate and sincerely wish to help others, as Douglas has, then you may be the perfect fit for his programs.
Douglas is happy to share his experiences with those who wish to follow in his footsteps. He offers classes in beginner and advanced meditation, including the Quantum Meditation™ method. Meditation classes focus on using your mind to gather information or effect a change in your life, rather than merely for relaxation. In the Quantum Meditation™ program, Douglas gives students the tools needed to enter this state of mind to gather information from beyond the limits of physical perception.
When you study with Douglas, you can be confident that you will be learning from someone who can speak from practical experience, and not from conjecture. He teaches meditation the way he learned it, and the way he practices it. Some of Douglas's classes are available for you to do right from the comfort of your own home!

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